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Play and Run Strategy

Play and Run Strategy A very common slot strategy used by a variety of slot machine players is the “Play and Run Slots Strategy” as this slot strategy has is called this because it incorporates the concept of playing a slot machine once it starts paying and to leave the slot machine, or run away, once it does not produce a winning or profitable session for the player.

The play and run slot strategy gives no room for any emotional or sentimental play that some slot players bring to the table while playing slot machine whether online or wherever slot machines are available. This then motivates the slot player to play only with the minimum bet the slot game offers and to find a slot machine that offers the best or biggest payout to the player.

Under the method of the play and run slot strategy, there are two approaches that serve at the core of the strategy which include a players “Naked Pulls” and the “Loss Limit”. These are the important factors in the play and run slot strategy, so once you have those two things set you are ready to put this strategy to work.

The “Naked Pulls” simply refers to the number of spins on the slot machines that may not yield good chances of winning. The concept behind this slot strategy is to determine the numbers of spins that a player can endure playing without getting any payout from the slot machine before leaving to find another slot machine to play. For example, if you set a naked pull limit of 10 pulls per machine, you would leave the machine after 10 pulls and no wins or acceptable profit, which then should fall to your “Loss Limit”

The “Loss Limit” is simply what a player sets a bankroll limit which the player can afford to or is prepared to lose in a single session of slot machine wagering. The loss limit will define the range from which the player can endure the amount of loss without getting a win from the slot machine before moving on to play another slot machine.

The play and run slot strategy allows better management of the slot players bankroll, or starting sessions wagering amount without feeding a large amount of money to a cold slot machine. Although most games found on slot machines do not require any serious skills to play the game, it does require observing an effective slot strategy in order to maximize the players winnings from a slot machine game versus your losses.

Therefore the play and run strategy is as good of strategy as any to use once the player has determined their two most important factors, which apply to several strategies, and those are the number of naked pulls and loss limits your bankroll allows for.

online slots