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Squirrel Strategy

Squirrel Strategy The Squirrel Slot Strategy is a method which takes on the moves of a squirrel and how they store food away for the winter as it’s their idea or method of building up on excess food, or in our case, profit, to be used at a later time.

The "squirrel strategy" can even be adjusted as part of the “Chicken Strategy”. For example, if you take $20 to a slot machine to play the chicken style strategy and set up a pattern play of 1-1-2-3-3-2-1-1-2-3-3-2-1 as the series and you catch a good or hot slot machine throughout your session, at the end of your play, it may work out that you have your $20 with about 80 credits showing, plus another 70-80 credits which means you had a great run.

While the chicken strategy has you grabbing your winnings and running, the Squirrel Strategy lets you stay at the slot machine that is hot, take the $20 or 80 credits you started with, pocket them and now that you have your initial investment back, you can take the remaining credits and either put half of the coins away, so you are guaranteed to leave that machine a winner, and play the remaining coins, your excess profit, and run another series at that machine. The Squirrel method keeps you at a hot machine.

After your second run through is complete, you can just repeat the process. If you have less than the amount of coins you started with, the session is over and you leave the machine. If you increased that amount, you stay at that machine, or take the coin profit and break it in half again, pocketing the other half, put the other half on a new session, depending on the amount of coins you have left to play, you may have to add additional coins to complete the strategy used, for example, if there is only 35 coins left for that session, you can add another 20 coins which will then give you a new session with 55 coins which should be enough for just about any strategy you are using at that slot machine.

When that session is complete, you leave if you have less than 55 coins and if you have over 55, repeat the scenario’s outlined here for you.

Again, the squirrel strategy keeps you playing at a slots machine that is hot and/or staying hot.

These examples are very close to minimum bets because some players have limited bankrolls but if you can wager more, simply increase or adjust the starting amounts to suit your bankroll as the strategy remains the same.

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