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Up the Steps Strategy

Up The Steps “Up the Steps” is sort of an unusual strategy. Anyone who has spent any time devising a strategy on a slot machine will agree, you should always bet five coins, (or better depending on the slot max bet). This is good strategic advise as the payout for the jackpot with a five coin wager is at the very least, five times the payout for the jackpot than a two coin wager and more times than not, the payout is greater than five times the bet. I have seen it many times and fell victim myself to the one or two even three coin bet, just as the machine decides to hit the highest hand giving the highest jackpot available, but in stead of collecting $500 or the $1,000 payout, it usually ends up being $50 to $100 bucks leaving the player right back where they started opposed to leaving the casino with the stack of cash they came there to win in the first place or needed to cover the cost of the trip to the casino to begin with.

However, the players situations are not always going to be the same and not all players will be identical. Therefore, strategies need to be tailored to suit each player and each players situation. The normal five-coin, (or greater), strategy implies that you need to start with a bigger bankroll. Small bankrolls can easily be lost in a very short amount of pulls in a “losing streak”. Which is were the machine will not even produce a pair of jacks or better in a series of maybe 7 to 10 bets, (or more on a “cold machine”, but there are people with small bankrolls who want to stretch their playing time to the maximum and since jackpots are so rare, there are players who can not cater to that possibility. For winning lines other than jackpots the payout with five coins wagered is five times the payout with one coin wagered and sometimes third, fourth and even fifth coin wagered has little additional value than say two coins, (on full house, straight, three of a kind, flush, even a straight flush). “Up the Steps” is a slot machine strategy that caters this exact situation.

The player starts the betting with just the one coin. The strategy for this level is that if the player loses the bet then he continues betting with one coin but if the player wins the bet then he steps up to betting two coins on the next wager and continues from there, easy. So when the player is playing with the two coins he or she uses the following strategy: when a player loses the bet , he or she then “steps down” to the previous level of wagering and repeats the process until the machine deals out the winning streak allowing for the max bet to be wagered

The only advantage of the “Up the Steps” strategy is that it enables the player to ride out a small bankroll and bet at higher levels he or she is winning. Gamblers believe that luck comes in streaks so this strategy could potencialy be a profitable one and if the player is in a losing streak on the machine they will not give up their bankroll in only a hand full of wagers. This is assuming that all bad streaks end and a winning streak begins. Again, these swings are known as losing streaks and winning streaks and most every slot machine has them. If you are disciplined, patient and focused on the game in front of you, the “Up the Step” strategy can increase your bankroll regardless of the slot machine you chose to test it on.

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