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Chicken Strategy

Chicken Strategy Most of the slots strategies listed in these texts explains how much the player needs to bet and varies the amounts depending on win or loss rates. The “Chicken Strategy” states that the player should not play at the same slot machine over and over or several times in a row. More-to-the-point, the Chicken Slots Strategy can be used with just about all other known strategies if the player wants.

The name of this strategy comes from the players who run from machine to machine, and that behavior resembles the “Chicken Behavior” in a casino, or any of the online slots.

Therefore, the Chicken Strategy player must first decide on the bankroll or amount of their starting session, and then splits all of this money up in equal parts that will then be used at one slot machine each part, regardless of the strategy used while playing the machine. For example, if each part is $20, with $1 coins, the player can spend only the set $20 on one machine at a time, then uses a slot strategy to accomadate the amount they have per betting session, or per slot machine as this Chicken Strategy goes. So during each session or slot machine the player can use any other betting strategy available.

The main idea behind the slots chicken strategy is that the players needs to keep in mind what machine they have already played and not to go back to it that day. Some slots players even make notes in order not to sit at the same machine twice. Also, the player needs to remember that this strategy does not depend on whether you win or lose so no matter what the results of every gaming session turns out to be, they must only play for the $20, (or whatever your equal parts allows), at each machine without duplicating any attempts on the same machine twice.

After the player completes the number of plays there are are in each parted session, there is only a few ways to proceed, the player either stop gambling and leave the casino with their winnings or with nothing, or the player can take a portion of their winnings, split it into equal amounts of money and start this strategy all over again in a different part of the casino or alternate online slot room. Simply repeat to perfect the Chicken Strategy.

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