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Winning at Slot Machines

Winning at Slot MachinesNobody ever played a slot machine to lose. Every slots gambler wants to win at the slots. That's why there are so many books and e-books written by gambling experts who claim to have the secrets to winning at slot machines. Beware of these books.

There is no secret to winning at slot machines. People who claim they have a secret to winning jackpots are trying to sell you something. If not, it's a buddy telling the gambling equivalent of a fishing tale. When some friend tells how he wins at slots, you have to ask where all that money is going. Of course, some slots gamblers are wiser than others.

Bet Within Your Means

The best you can do is stay in the game as long as possible, though I'm hesitant to use the term money management. Money management is the term used to sell all kinds of slot machine advice, so I generally associate the term with scam artists selling casino books and e-books.

In my mind, money management is making sure you don't blow your bankroll too soon. If you want to play all afternoon, then ration out your money. Don't bet any more than you can comfortably lose, and don't bet a large percentage of that on any one machine or one spin.

If you do, you're just as likely to sit around all afternoon watching your friends play the slots. The alternative is to head to the ATM and withdraw money you had not planned on betting. That won't work, so make sure to budget your gambling money and not bet any more than you intended.

It might be mentioned that the more times you can hit spin on a progressive jackpot, the more likely you are to get lucky and hit the big jackpot. So it's better to drop down to a coin denomination where you can comfortably play slots all day long.

Five Coin Jackpots are Best

Many slot machines have higher percentage jackpots if you bet five coins. Some pay a bigger percentage on the jackpot only if you play all the paylines. Take note to see if this is the case when you sit down at a slot machine. If that's the case, you need to bet the maximum coins and maximum paylines. If you aren't comfortable making that bet, then find another slot machine.

Avoid Betting Methods

Find the bet that works best for you and use it. Your betting standards should be determined on what you feel comfortable betting, as well as how long you want to continue playing in a worst-case scenario.

Don't use the latest method you read from some kind of book on slot machines or you read about on the internet. The odds on a particular slot machine do not change from one spin to the next, so there is no reason to modify your betting style from one spin to the next.

The Martingale and Anti-Martingale and Zig Zag techniques are all shams, so avoid using these systems. Your grandmother's favorite winning slots strategy doesn't work the way she thinks it does.

Most people are a little superstitious when it comes to sports and games. Winning slot machine systems fit more into the realm of a superstition than scientific gaming. If you have your favorite winning slot machine method, just keep in mind that it isn't good slots logic.

How to Win at Slots

Ultimately, winning at slots comes down to beating the odds and hitting a jackpot. Get ready for most slot sessions to be losing sessions. If you end up hitting a big payoff or progressive jackpot, that's great. But don't expect to learn the secrets of winning slots strategies.

If you enjoy playing slot machine games, there's nothing wrong with that. But I wouldn't treat them as a quick way to get rich. Get-rich-quick schemes don't pan out and they certainly don't pan out when the house odds are stacked against you. Casinos are big and fancy because they bring in more money than they lose.

Another game I like to play is baccarat. You can learn how to play and win this game at