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Slot Machine Secrets

Slot Machine SecretsI love seeing all these online e-books about slot machine secrets. I once saw a e-book called "How to Win the Lottery", which gives strategies for picking the right lotto number. I hope I don't have to tell you how crazy that is.

The Secrets of Slots E-Books

E-books that give you the secrets to winning at slots are only a little less crazy. In both cases, you're gambling on a game in which you have no control of the outcome. Slots is entirely a game of luck and not a game of skill. You might have a gift for reading other poker players, increasing your chances of winning at Texas Hold 'Em. You might read a book about poker strategy or poker tells, which possibly could help you when the next poker night rolls around.

The same can't be said for slot machines. There is no secret way to read a slot machine, like you would a human opponent. Looking at the reel symbols and determining a pattern is nonsense, because there is no pattern to electronic reel symbols moved by a random number generator. I repeat, there is no reading a slot machine.

Guaranteed Slots Wisdom

When someone is selling their slot machine secrets, you have to ask yourself why they would do that. Profit motive is obvious, but if a gambler has a can't miss way to make tens of thousands of dollars, why are they wasting the time to write and market an e-book about slots secrets.

When a slots guru promises to make you a more consistent slots player, you know he's scamming you. Slot machines have a set payback percentage. There is nothing you can do short of cheating the machine that will change your odds. There is no way to become a more consistent slots player.

Slot Machine Money Management

Most slots systems deal with money management principles. I've seen books with up to 25 different methods of money management. Of course, the question should be, if this one method is so effective, why do you need the other 24 techniques? Oh, right, you need to fill a book up with slots secrets.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback on gambling e-books should be looked at dubiously. If someone wins using these "systems", it's luck. They were going to win anyway. More than likely, John from Cincinnati who claims this betting system changed his life and saved his marriage is probably nothing more than a figment of the author's imagination.

Here's an example. I'm "Susan from Tunica. I read this e-book and learned never-before-seen secrets about how to win at slots. I had been on a losing streak, but I read this book and now I win consistently. Thanks, anonymous e-book author. You sure know about slot machines."

You should know that Susan from Tunica is not real. I just made her up, just the way the authors of e-books do. Don't be taken in by these scams. Anyone writing an e-book about winning at slots couldn't make a living playing the slots, so you should avoid their advice.

My Slot Machine Secret

That being said, here is my slot machine secret. If you enjoy playing slots, then play them. Slot machines generally don't have the best payout percentage in the casino, but they do allow a person to sit, relax and gamble a bit in peace and quiet, all the while soaking in the casino atmosphere. If you enjoy that, keep playing slots.

Play within your means. Don't bet any more than you can comfortably lose. Don't fool yourself into thinking you have the secret to winning at slot machines. View slots as a form of entertainment, and the money you lose as comparable to the money you would pay for a ticket to the movies or a theme park. And if you win while you're being entertained, that's all the better.

Play Free Slots

Many of the same games that are found in Las Vegas and Atlantic City can also be found online. All of these can be played for free. So, my advice is to play free slots once in a while to get your slots fix without having to empty your wallet or purse.