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Slot Machine Tips

Slot Machine TipsWhenever someone first develops a love for slot machines, itís natural that theyíll want to add as many tricks to their slot-playing arsenal as possible. This can be accomplished by asking fellow players for slot machine tips or by combing through various resources on the Internet. If you consider your time valuable, however, you might be better served by just reading this article.

First off, itís important to remember that casinos generate the majority of their revenue from slot machines. This means that youíll lose money if you play long enough. While this may be a sobering thought, it shouldnít stop you from enjoying yourself. After all, hitting a progressive jackpot worth millions will cancel out a lot of bad days in front of your favorite slot.

One of the most important slot machine tips for beginners is to forget about all the supposed myths. Youíve no doubt heard a few of these: play with hot coins, donít wager with a player card, machines will pay out less after a jackpot has been hit, machines pay off in a pattern, etc.

Well, guess what? All of these myths are completely false. While some players like to delude themselves into believing that theyíve found an edge, thatís simply not the case. Sure, you might hit a jackpot while wearing one shoe and rubbing a dead mockingbird, but that doesnít mean that itís ever going to happen again.

Donít be a sucker. Casinos love suckers.

Speaking of which, youíll find a lot of so-called ďexpertsĒ out there offering miraculous slot machine tips for a special one-time price. Donít fall for these cons, as guys like Bill Stone will do nothing but take your hard-earned cash and add it to a pile in their basement.

The Zig-Zag System doesnít work. The Martingale System doesnít work. In fact, no system works when it comes to slot machines. All you can do is deposit your money and hope for the best. Anyone who tells you differently is a liar.

But itís not all black clouds on the horizon. There are a few things that a slots player can do to help their overall winning percentage.

The first thing you should do is learn the rules of the machine youíre playing. Since youíll want to play maximum coins in order to be eligible for the really big jackpots, youíll need to know how many coins to drop in and how many lines need to be activated. Some machines can be downright confusing at first glance, so a quick glance at the instructions and pay table can work wonders.

Most slots pay out between 80 and 98 percent. Take a little time to find the slot machines with the highest payouts, and youíll increase your chances of winning over the long term.

You should also learn when to walk away. If youíre on a losing streak, donít keep sinking coins in to try and break even. It may simply not be your day to win, and youíll just get deeper and deeper into the hole. Remember, playing slot machines is meant to be enjoyable. When it ceases to be, but you keep playing anyway, then you may have a problem.

While nothing in the article above is earth-shattering, I hope Iíve at least dispelled a few of the myths which remain in circulation. Winning at slots requires patience and money management above all else. Donít believe anyone who says otherwise.

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